By: Thomas Belskie
August 6, 2017

So I made it two days into the August challenge before I failed. Ouch. Work got crazy and I just didn’t make time for my writing last week. On the bright side, I did get two new blog posts and another 1,000 words of progress in my novel. So at least there’s that.

I’m going to try to do as much as I can for the rest of the month…but alas the allure of the challenge has worn off now that I’ve skipped so many days in a row. I’m thinking I’ll hit reset and try this again in September. Its a tough task but, I’m a writer and I need to make time for my writing.

I’ll update my August word count and blog post count at the end of the month to see how close I came to 15,500 words and 31 blog posts. I’m off to write right now as a matter of fact and this blog post makes three for the month. Three out of six isn’t terrible and if I manage a thousand words today I’ll be at 2000 for the month. That’s still decent progress.

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