CaptureWell, first things first, my name is Tom. I’m originally from “outside of Philly,” but I currently live in Northern Virginia, not too far away from D.C. I was a blocked writer for a long, long time, always starting projects and never finishing them. I used to think of myself as an “aspiring” writer. I recently made the very important decision to stop thinking of myself that way. I’m a writer. I finally realized I don’t need anyone’s permission to call myself that. I don’t need to receive a paycheck first and I don’t need to wait until I have something published. I write, so I’m a writer. Period.

I started this blog to showcase my work but also to help other writers and creatives who are in the same place as I was, get unblocked and start creating their work with passion and purpose. You don’t need anyone’s permission and you don’t need a paycheck. Just create something for the simple joy of being able to bring something into this world that didn’t exist before, something that no one else could have made.

Since I’ve made that decision to start treating myself like a professional, I’ve finally been able to produce. I am finishing projects and I’m proud of my work. I recently finished my first feature-length screenplay along with a Pilot episode for a television series (The Crooked Ladder). I am finishing up work on my debut novel (God & Country) that I will be self-publishing. It’s due out sometime early next year (join my mailing list to get updates).

I’m on instagram a lot — please follow me and like my photos, I’m super desperate. I have a twitter and facebook page out of necessity pretty much, but please check those out too and like/comment and engage the shit out of them. And uhhh, what else do you need to know about me besides what I put on social media? Is there anything more to a person than those three sites? If there is, I don’t want to know about it.